Live Roulette

Live Roulette TV is the home of the UK’s most engrossing TV amusement appear.

Presently known as “Supercasino” the Live Roulette show turns a genuine roulette wheel precisely the same as those utilized as a part of Vegas and genuine blocks “n” mortar casinos today.

Chris and the gathering of moderators will give you much stimulation, while prepared as croupiers guaranteeing the diversion is reasonable, genuine, or more all – fun.

The wheel turns day by day from 6pm – 4am with the prepared croupiers exhibiting the appear, and outside those hours you can in any case play roulette with the autowheel.

How would I play?

You can play without a doubt or play for entertainment only, and joining a record is simple. That, as well as Live Roulette will compassionate prize you with up to £100 welcome bonus for joining. Live Roulette is a non-download casino so you can watch the show spilling live on the internet.

You can watch the supercasino wheel turn day by day on Sky channel 866 and as it streams live over the Internet. In the event that you are beyond 18 years old and you live in the UK then you can play genuine roulette with the best of the moderators.

Putting down a wager

Once went along with, you can put down a wager either by utilizing your phone keypad, or, much less demanding is to utilize the betting mat on the site. Live Roulette makes it simple for you to explore putting down wagers with simply the snap of a mouse.

Live Roulette TV is shown every day on Sky channel 847 at the times 6pm to 4am, on Freeview channel 20 (Virgin 1) from 12pm to 3am, on Bravo channel 2, from 1am to 4am and FTN from 12pm to 3am. The diversion is likewise gushed live to the site giving you the full casino experience from the solace of your own home.